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Gas Shortage Over!!

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…But Excess ‘Bureaucracy’ Continues

To even the casual observer, the issue appears to be:

– the need for more petroleum

– the need to replace foreign oil sources

– the need to develop our own oil resources

– and the related list goes on, and on, and on…

But after a moment of ‘root cause’ analysis, another key issue is visible:

– dependence on petroleum – as energy


We were not focused on the core issue…

but on the symptoms related to our current approach.


We must question prior answers…

to identify the new questions, and options


The reasons are many, but we often continue the practice of coddling our emotions (feelings), ignoring the ‘800 pound gorilla’ (facts), and chasing ‘symptoms’ instead of the root cause. That approach will perpetuate much wasted effort leading to other wastes of time and resources (dare I say: endless bureaucracy, meaningless Senate investigations, failed initiatives, etc).

‘Political correctness’ requests that we politely overlook the reality and instead superimpose a misplaced ‘forgiveness’ or perpetual excuse, rather than “digging in” to the real problem. We need to start looking past the ‘joker’ in our logic and going for the ‘ace’, and (dare I say?) calling a “spade a spade”.


Focus on each and every issue, as John Wu explains, because they make up the ‘enterprise’ viewpoint – (‘eat the elephant bite at a time‘). In a recent post, Tim Bryce refers to it as ‘Stepwise Refinement‘ – the approach of taking the smallest logical portion and resolving that, and ultimately resolving all such issues at the successively smaller levels of systems, sub-systems, and procedures, etc. When complete, that collection of solved issues is reflected in a new system-wide approach – that functions correctly – at all levels.

It may seem at first like wasted motion, analysis paralysis, or other ‘feelings’ that urge us to rush more quickly to erroneous conclusions (wrong). But with the right approach, and perhaps even without the help of others, we might individually uncover the newest means to realize:

3200 MPG (Miles Per Gallon) – on WATER!!

With the help of others, in well structured conversations (‘Collaboration on Purpose‘), our laser focus (ASK4™) analysis and cooperative effort (U-Netted Nations), CAN matter immensely. We CAN sort out the real issues and collect the real answers to all global problems, in time.

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