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Surfing or Wipe-out?

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Whatever level of understanding you have about surfing, you are familiar with the difference between:

  • successfully using the uplift and momentum to propel you forward at little effort,
  • or instead, loosing your balance, falling into the abyss, and being pummeled by a wave of impacts.

It’s either surfing or it’s a wipe-out, and only a few options in-between those two.

Fast-forward to the ‘groundswell‘ of information that is sweeping across the new online media channels made available by and for the people who understand, create, and deftly use the web. They can ‘surf’ with dexterity. They make it look easy to the rest of us who venture in and may soon find ourselves overwhelmed or left sputtering on the edge of success after looking for answers to our questions, or just plain friendship.

Since others can and have made the ‘ride’ and beckon us to ‘come on in’, we assume the sport is for everyone and re-launch our resolve against the elements. What looks like the ultimate wave of progress (for them), may be to some of us – only an unrecognized information undertow. We stand to get sucked in to endless currents of “he-said-so-she-said-but I think”….

Surfing is great for some, survival may be more than than enough for the rest of us. Mere survival sounds passive and certainly we can expect more and even get more from our shared experience in this ocean of opportunity. Instead of the current approach that draws us in to each and every website and whirlpools of disconnected conversation, we need to channel the energy of convergent tides of influence, and use the momentum of consensus to direct our cooperative efforts toward safe arrival at new destinations.

What appears to be needed instead is a way for us to look for the hidden currents that are actually headed in the direction we all need to go, a life-raft in which we can safely combine our efforts, and a few paddles to steer and manage our directed travel toward our intended destination. Then perhaps we too can use the lift of cooperation and the currents of influence to our advantage.

That can happen, not by abandoning the extreme sports, but by creating a means for the rest of us mere mortals to get our feet wet too, without the repeating novice experience of another ‘wipe-out’.

ASK4™ is a simple online 4-question approach
– that enables website/user group interoperability
– to co-manage their ‘Collaboration on Purpose’
– for creating ‘unintended consensus’
– that enables global cooperation
– to solve universal issues.
for those who participate and cooperate
for their mutual interests in the U-Netted Nations™.

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