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LIFEcycle Requirements

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Life – it just keeps changing. Everyday something becomes a new challenge, because of something else that changed, unexpectedly. Our new needs reflect new requirements, new parameters that must be overcome.

Throughout our life(cycle), the nature of those changes will vary by situation and by urgency. One or more of ‘Murphy’s Laws’ predicts that the most urgent will be the least understood or hardest to remedy.

Whether it’s in personal health, family relationships, social issues, political realms, business ‘success’, nonprofit ‘results’, or government ‘support’ – change is the constant. Managing that change, and coordinating it to accommodate diverse populations in equally diverse situations is an enterprise-level undertaking. So why isn’t that effort well integrated?

Why aren’t our social conversations collected as anecdotes to point to symptoms? Then why aren’t our response actions aimed at the root cause – instead of the ‘because’ (symptoms)…? Perhaps it’s as simple as:

We’re disconnected!

True, we have now been inducted into the world of online SELF-publishing, complete with video to document our ‘intelligence'(?). We can rant in any of several forums and re-present ourselves in any of several media styles.

But what for…?

Even those sites that endear us to some worthy cause seldom capture our ‘requirements’ in a manner that even the novice programmer would accept for building the ‘code’ for the ‘program’ that could meet our ‘need’. Even if an ‘application’ of effort was created, it might not even serve the original user population, let alone be scalable or able to be leveraged for reuse elsewhere, on someone else’s ‘platform’, or in another ‘environment’. Perhaps we should consider gathering ‘enterprise-level’ requirements to help with our

Global Relationship Management (GRM)

For that to be possible, we can turn to the art/craft of business analysis. Somehow we have to collect the ‘user story’ needs and turn them into functional ‘human interface’ results, locally and globally. What we must also avoid is ‘analysis paralysis’ by making BETA progress, pending ‘perfection’.

Cooperation at this level demands a systems approach that accounts for all stakeholders, recognizes all perspectives, objectively creates consensus, amicably enrolls participation, makes those benefits globally available, and accepts that change is the only constant, the ‘IF’ that prescribes the next ‘Therefore’…and

that’s not utopian – that’s utilitarian.

That’s the requirements-gathering utility that we all need, to create a self-managed global platform built on the ‘code’ of ethics, to enroll us ALL – in a self-correcting ‘environment’, enabling us sustain our individual – and collective LIFEcycle ‘programs’, and

to meet our mutual ‘needs’, globally


(w/Apology to all tech folks: Poetic License Herein Requested 😉

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NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

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