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If you KNEW what your employees (colleagues, competition, clients) KNOW, you would immediately try something NEW. That is the ultimate challenge and offers the ultimate opportunity – for each of us, and all of us.

It’s all about how you interact with – and how you ‘look’ to – others. Those are two basic human needs: – to be loved – and not to ‘look bad’. Fortunately (or unfortunately) “they” won’t always tell “us”, because we all are (by that same nature) ‘sympathetic’ when someone is acting in a ‘pathetic’ manner. But the information is still easily available – to everyone else!

What was once only whispered around the water cooler, over the tops of martini glasses, in board rooms, has now gone completely public. All that ‘social’ stuff is now impacting our ‘business’ stuff. Jimmy Buffett speaks of the ‘Coconut Telegraph’ in his song about how the island people manage to ‘get the word out’. That little wisp of island breeze is now being collected and published, roaring like a huge hurricane, across the universe of the internet, and

…what’s blowing in the wind is about YOU (and us, and our businesses).

What that means is that we need to be the first to know (about us), not the last. Are you prepared to weather the ‘information’ storm? Are you tuned in to ‘information’ weather central?

Are you feeling informed?

Are you feeling up-to-date?

Or are you feeling left behind?

Reminds me of an old cliché that goes – ‘I know how you feel, I felt the same way, and here’s what I found…”

that the next NEW thing is LISTENING 2.0

via Web 2.0 in BUSINESS 2.0

(which has already advanced to Business 3.0 while we were sleeping…).

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

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