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Castles and Wagons

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These are two totally different constructs – like apples and oranges. They also represent the dichotomy between the agile ability to move forward and the fixed position that is guarded and static. Each has a different purpose and each offers a different benefit. Neither is more useful than the other in general, depending on the circumstance. One will get you there, simply and with little ‘baggage’. The other will enable you to stockpile and defend those holdings from a high and lofty vantage, once in position .

What is your circumstance – in life, location?

Except for a few stoic localities, civilization is on the move. Even for those few that ‘have arrived’, changes ‘outside’ create internal pressures – to change inside. The

ability to change – or react well to change is critical – to all.

In their white paper, Creation Nets: Harnessing the Potential of Open Innovation, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown introduce the concept of survival through adaptation, by engaging extended knowledge and extended resources – that comes from creating and extending one’s network of people (‘Creation Nets‘). They note that:

“While larger institutions tend to be in denial about the need
for change or view it as a threat, institutions and individuals on the
periphery see only opportunity. Necessity leads them to adopt a
bootstrapping mindset and to seek out or assemble their own creation
nets to leverage and accelerate their own efforts.
—- +++ —
Increasingly, as we have argued in greater depth in The Only Sustainable Edge, advantage resides in the institutional capacity to get better faster – it is not just about the pace of capability building but the relative pace and the ability to accelerate this pace over time. This in turn depends upon privileged access to the most promising flows of knowledge. Existing stocks of knowledge remain important in terms of earning the right to participate in these flows but…there is also a need to learn how to to leverage and accelerate their own efforts”

They have scouted the territory ahead, and reported back to the camp that “The Only Sustainable Edge, advantage resides in the …capacity to get better faster…”. Whether in personal endeavors, nonprofit initiatives, business ventures, or government oversight – we now all find ourselves on the same ‘edge’ – of vast prairies of opportunity – or vast deserts of doom. We can retreat to our secured positions and defend status quo or recognize the rivers and currents whose flow of change can take us to oceans of abundance. The choice is ours, and the results will follow.

To leverage and accelerate one’s own efforts – it becomes necessary to:

  • “to evaluate available flows,
  • more effectively participate in the flows and
  • more rapidly integrate new knowledge acquired from these flows.”

Castles may no longer be our defense, and it

may be time to circle the wagons, for a moment.

And it’s not just about castles or wagons, it’s also about movement, speed, direction, progress, and arrival. We have to take the time to gather around campfires to exchange information. While the fire may be warm, we will need to hold conversations about what went wrong and what can be better tomorrow. Based on that new insight, we must cooperatively adapt to be ready to set out on the next segment of our continuous journey. We will be surrounded by those who while not our competition are also headed toward the same future. We may even have to encourage those who are afraid.

Our ‘moats’ will not provide momentum. So, those who choose will also saddle up and wave goodbye to those in the castles –


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NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

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