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Who Knows..(‘Who-Nodes’)

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In any situation, any family, any team, any company, any community, any agency, any country – someone is responsible, and someone (else?) knows. The ‘custodian’ is usually the keeper of the real ‘keys’ to not just the building, but the insight to the inside, in almost any dimension you may wish to know.

In reality, that custodian may hold a degree or have experience that exceeds the person currently assigned to any given position. When it comes to getting things done – the insight usually starts at the bottom. When it comes to initiating actions, the directives usually come from the top.

What’s the Connection

That depends on the people involved, and especially those ‘in charge’. For those who assume any position of responsibility, the degree of authority they accept or control will also depend on how they accept and control the communication – to and from those that surround them. One item of note, they have very little control.

They do however have ultimate control on how they choose to benefit from all that connectivity and infinite information. Their level of insight will be proportional to their information access. Their access is controlled by those who know. Knowing who knows is crucial to individual knowledge, team interaction, cooperative initiatives, and our global survival.

How do I come to know, that you already know, what he needs to know, from them? When can that be done – to solve my urgent problem – in my relationship, my charity, my business, my community, my country – or OUR world? Who knows?…

…in the U-Netted Nations…that’s YOU!

The neural network of of the internet affords each of us an unlimited opportunity to become a ‘U-Node’, a dynamic nano-resource to an insatiable global knowledge ecosystem. The real-time connectivity currently exists in which we can offer our information to others.

The challenge lies in how we choose to accept and control that information as our individual responsibility within this informal information grid. The manner in which we can co-manage our dynamic support of each other within this global perspective is evolving, and that evolution must also be responsive, 24/7/365. Welcome to Web 3.0 – and beyond…

The control won’t be held by the person who thinks they have the only answer. The solution won’t come by getting the right answer from the right person. The real power will come from asking the right questions of all the right people, all of the time. Want to know more, ASK4 it…

‘Who nodes’ – that may be the new title for custodians of information. And for our new elevated perspective toward these ‘lowly custodians’..

“Well, what do you know…?”

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NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

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