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That’s CUIL (So What?)

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R-e-l-e-v-a-n-c-e, that is ‘what’ – and good search is a good start – just ask Google …about er…ummm ‘CUIL‘. Relevant to ‘what’ – that’s the key problem – and the unlimited opportunity. All that connectivity, searching, email conversation, threaded discussion, blogging – potentially WORTHLESS.

Collaboration on Purpose – PRICELESS

What’s the difference? – YOU. Unless there is something in it for me (YOU), I don’t particularly care (do you?). So the results of my search must be relevant to me – to where I live, to what I’m doing, to whether that is working, or if I’m going to become successful, or even just survive.

If I am going to make any progress in my efforts, I need to know:

  • if an answer already exists (or needs to be created)
  • if a solution has been tried and proven (research)
  • if there is a support group to assist me (team/company/NPO)
  • if I can speak to someone about it (expert/community of practice
  • if what I’m about to do will be acceptable to others, or sustainable

But instantly I encounter the same old problem I have always had – it takes ‘too long’. I can search – then I have to sort through the hits- and follow a link – that leads to a WIKI that re-defines my problem – that leads me to new links that lead me back to another search engine – that leads me to a blog that belittles my ignorance on the subject – that leaves me upset and even more anxious – as I grab my cellphone and text my friend for help since he isn’t answering my call. So I dredge out the yellow pages – and look for an out-call computer tech and a local psychologist – and I read my dictionary while I await their eventual ‘treatment’ for the computerized benefits that are virtually driving me crazy.

Somehow I need to be able to make instant use of instant answers.

Somehow I expect nothing less from my new instant world on the internet – that seems to be changing my life – by the instant. If my new reality is to be ‘virtual’, then I want to have the same ‘say-so’ as virtually everyone else in its global customer suggestion box. I don’t want your dated ‘WEB 2.0 sticky note’ answer – posted somewhere in a he-said-she-said discussion thread on some blog ‘bulletin board’ – that I can’t seem to find.

I may need answers virtually anytime day or night. I don’t want to have to engage a consultant to teach me how to search-and-rescue what you have already saved – and could offer to me at fair market value. The carbon footprint of that lost time could be important – to both of us – and NOW would be none too soon for some issues that need a relevant answer – TODAY!.

My request:

  • I want my own personal portal to the WORLD(-WideWeb)
  • I want to search in the context of my local PROBLEM
  • I want answers in the context of global CREDIBILITY
  • I want to share what I NEED – and what I KNOW
  • I want to be served, and be well REPRESENTED
  • I want to help create sustainable SOLUTIONS
  • I want to be PROACTIVE – not REACTIVE
  • I want YOU in that equation with me

Perhaps now, because we are ALL relevant to each other, we can ALL realize the efficiency of scale made possible by our cooperation – and enjoy the mutual benefits of an enterprise 3.0 viewpoint – a shared perspective from ALL across our U-Netted Nations.

Perhaps within this new ‘inter-operable’ paradigm we will find that if we:

Question Prior Answers – it’s Liberating!
Answer Current Questions – it’s Empowering!
Create Future Solutions – it’s Fulfilling!
Share these Benefits – it’s SUSTAINABLE!

Now, how KOOL is that? – and how ‘relevant’ ? (- and how Priceless..?)

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?p

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

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