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Democratic Convention or ‘Autocratic Contention”. Right-or-Left (or right-or-wrong, ‘sin’-or-‘spin’), the offset is the same:

Opinions are important – and so are outcomes!

That’s why information is so important to making critical decisions. Ask anyone and you will get an opinion – or two. Then ask for the reason behind their opinion and you will eventually uncover some vested interest, the true desire that is being leveraged ‘because..’ that need is what is REALLY wanted. We need to be on the critical path toward the actual benefit. Instead, we waste our energy on misplaced efforts based on some mis-stated intentions.

What’s the ‘carbon footprint’ of misinformation?

Why wouldn’t it be better to actually ‘state’ the real issue, identify the real cause, address that real need, and create real and lasting solutions? If information is the ‘vehicle’, then perhaps it has to do with how we’re ‘driving’.

Who is at the wheel, and where are ‘they’ taking us..?

Imagine getting on a bus marked ‘Downtown’ and arriving instead at the dead end of some country road. Recent interest in ‘The Press’ has begun to uncover the accidental if not intentional collusion of those who would ‘suppress’ or overlook important insights, invite us on board with their ‘weighted’ opinions, and then wrongfully take us to uninformed conclusions, ineffective decisions, and unintended results. What information leads us to global decisions that lead us to wars? What influences are behind the efforts to place troops in harms way – or even call them home again, perhaps before ultimate victory? How could Hillary have lost to Barrack? What insight has been ‘overlooked‘ that perhaps even now could change results – if it was uncovered, remained unbiased, and then made public to everyone’s benefit?

Whether personal, secular, religious, political, or governmental, any incremental ‘white lie’ (or mis-statement that we might overlook as just ‘spin’) always aggregates to a larger mis-perception, and eventually to some level of ‘tyranny’. Unfortunately, our personal DECISION processes, including our political systems and voting choices, ride on this broken vehicle, delivering us to unintended locations and even greater peril.

It has to stop – and today is the ONLY time we are alloted!

Tomorrow we will have already been mislead by managed news channels, today’s biased pundits (‘spin doctors’?) and their misplaced or intentional beguiling. Our destiny may already be some unintended location from which there may be no easy return.

We can’t stop some global tyranny without addressing personal responsibility – OURS (not theirs). We (each) need to know the truth and share the truth so we can each act in our individual and collective interest.

We can not collectively get to the truth by being ‘politically correct’ and agreeing to overlook those little ‘unimportant’ nuances that serve the other person ‘because…’ that’s where they want us to go – for their self-interest.

Our challenge is always ‘to challenge’..! The truth will surface.

Clearly, obviating the truth can result in lack of clarity, confusion, or even powerful propaganda to re-direct the minds and decisions of those who ‘count’ (or vote). Are you impressed, suppressed, depressed – ?

  • Whose opinion shapes your decisions?
  • Whose ‘bus’ are you riding -where is it REALLY going?
  • Why aren’t YOU ‘driving’ your own thought processes?
  • Where are you currently – need a ride back ‘downtown’..?

Maybe it’s time to ASK4™ it..

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.




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