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Forget Capitalism – Embrace Social Capital

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Those that worry about political ideologies are focused on the waning results of social systems that have a diminishing control over our lives.beyond-borders

Where boundaries and borders and kingdoms once prevailed – virtual overlays of influence and leadership now exert unseen power and privilege. My geographic limitations are able to be transcended (on MySpace). My aspirations are able to be represented virtually anywhere (on SecondLife). And my face (on Facebook) is able to be recognized world-wide.

‘Change’ is the constant that now controls us – and our ability to adapt to each other 24/7/365 will determine our mutual survival.

Currencies that were once based on a fixed standard and value are now eroded by their perceived value – in a global exchange market – that can change on an instant – based on the opinion of one single person (you). One person making a loosely founded comment on a single social network platform can impact the perceived value of company stock by the mere mention of the potential demise of its founder – or other such conjectures. Nations can suffer the same devastating consequence – and we all may have just become the unwitting witnesses – of just that.

The same connectivity that began as jungle drumbeats and has advanced to metered electronic packets of online information transfer – stands to threaten all prior assumptions. Fortunately that connectivity also offers the answer that can enable the greatest advance ever in communication, cooperation, and interdependence (and dare I add ‘world peace’). What the printed word did for knowledge transfer – the internet has introduced (again) for this next ‘giant leap for mankind’.

YOU now hold the key to the influence that chiefs and kings and presidents (and dictators) once held.

MY one opinion can now shape history.

OUR mutual survival now depends on each other – and how we co-manage our conversations across the ‘U-Netted Nations‘.

But when all is said and done – there is ‘usually a lot more said than done’ – and ‘words are cheap’. Until there is a way to collect, manage, monetize, and dispense those valued words (opinions and truths), the letters may appear as mere graffiti – wisely crafted – wrongfully presented.

We will need to change from casual ‘chat’

to causal ‘collaboration on purpose‘.

There is no shortage of information (such as this post) but few may yet care – and fewer yet may find what I have written here. But recall that the idea of an interstate highway to connect centers of commerce and their citizens with product and service solutions was also once only a shared vision. So too now, the inter-connectivity of ideas and information sources awaits an updated map of these new destinations (centers of knowledge and expertise) and some basic rules of the road (uniform data framework/syndication constructs)- and the ’round-abouts’ that can manage this new information interchange.

Social media thought leaders have suggested that monetizing the value of these social conversations is now a core challenge and a key opportunity in this new ‘Relationship Economy‘.picture-16

The ‘gold standard’ of our new social currency is once again the value of our word (including its honesty and transparency). And the value (and ability to quantify the value) of that word will be substantial. That is because:

..the commerce (knowledge/social capital) that is exchanged at these intersections will have global value and global impact.

While some rant about their local leaders – others will exercise their unlimited freedom of thought leadership. The value of their virtual influence on actual global communities will become widely evident.

Sometime in the foreseeable future, you may become more influential than your elected official, and

‘borders’ may only be remembered – as a ‘bookstore’.

Want real cooperation, progress, CHANGE ? – Dare to ASK4™ it…?

What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.




Written by gsbigger

January 30, 2009 at 9:49 am

Posted in social networking

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  1. As a citizen of the world, I am disheartened; as a citizen of America, I am appalled…we are living in the wreckage of Economic sabotage; I am a very squeaky wheel, and I won’t stop, as I am sure you and some others feel until I see solutions- Long term solutions.

    As you stated in what’s next:
    “People have to care – enough to participate and cooperate” I do, and I am pretty ticked that other’s haven’t gotten to that point yet, so like you, we begin our plight. One voice at a time- among millions. Is it helping? We need to fix it. I agree.

    In the interim where is the “justice for all?”


    January 30, 2009 at 5:41 pm

  2. Good post

    Michael Cayley

    January 31, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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