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Are We THERE Yet?

Are We THERE Yet?

Recent rhetoric proclaiming the promise of ‘change’ in leadership and direction and approach – and now even the ‘proof'(?) of initial ‘results’ of new alignments has renewed a familiar call for some to ‘pick up their marbles and leave’ (or even secede from) what they fear is merely change for the worse.  History records numerous examples of this type of emotional response – and discord (or eventual disconnect?).

Conflict resolution is always more difficult than running from the conflict.

That is why those who “differ” leave home at an early age, leave marriages, leave churches, leave companies, elect any politician who promises some ‘change’ in their country, or in disgust eventually elect to migrate to another one themselves.

How one goes about ‘facing’ the difficulty is also a challenge of its own, that can be fatal. Even the greatest ideals are not promised a favored place in history, and are predictably not popular (or politically correct) during their promotion as an antidote to the ‘present rule’.

So, having now been web-connected globally, CHANGE is the new challenge – 24/7/365. Our individual and collective success now depends on how well we ALL dynamically ADAPT to each other.

Because, just like running away from ‘fear’

– we can only arrive at its next stronghold.

So, this is just a reminder to me (- you?) that challenge is an open invitation for courage and real change – not just empty hope or “more-of-the-same” (or politics-as-usual in Chicago?).  And, it is a reminder that any massive change to mindlessly follow the ‘newest political correctness’ is a well-defined path to the tyrant’s rule (or prison, or worse?).

Nothing enables tyranny more than the absence of ‘Patriotism’.

Yet, even ‘Patriotism’ can also be a misplaced zeal if the global ‘war plans’ of our enemy are not well identified before we blindly launch headlong into the wrong regional ‘battle’ – or alternatively secede – right into the “enemy’s camp”.

So, the only real challenge/opportunity it seems is to “stand firm” and to find a workable solution (in place?).  Now in what has become a very connected world (place), that has to be EQUITABLE, dynamic, transparent, and scalable from personal to local to regional to global.

And we can learn from history (local-global)

– or risk repeating its worst disasters (local-global).

Fortunately, any public record from that history (like the holocaust, or even recent politician promise on any given website) that is attempted to be erased is retained by countless others to be recalled for reflection, comparison, and accountability (to be used to help its ‘forgetful’ author to ‘remember’ – or even to be ‘re-called’).

Given that new internet platform and our collaborated interdependence, I cast my vote for the good will and good sense of “We The People” – of this web-connected ‘U-Netted Nations’ and believe that all we need is an equitable approach that allows each of us to ASK4 just what we (all) really NEED(?) – and ‘unity’ could be one of those answers (sound familiar?).

We can enjoy those inalienable rights (again), chartered under that ONE God on whose principles this country was founded and who offers to us the same forgiveness we are called to also extend to others.

Meanwhile, we are forced to defend ourselves from those who rationalize murder of their religious ‘competitors’ (or U.S.) – and we must VOTE against those that would excuse-defend-support their ‘zealot’ actions.

THAT is the “CHANGE We All Can Believe In!”  (- except them?)

Want real cooperation, progress, CHANGE ? – Dare to ASK4™ it…?
NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a
participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.




Written by gsbigger

February 22, 2009 at 4:10 pm

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