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Reframing Our Insights – Transforming Our Efforts

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There are acronyms to describe the tools and systems that are used to survive in the world of business – including:

  • BI – collecting business needs
  • ERP – providing business solutions
  • CRM – managing customers/feedback

Every new parent knows what every business owner (and everyone else) should learn – that knowledge comes from the sudden awakening that the baby needs something – and right now.

The next question is WHAT. The baby is not able to communicate so the parent has to investigate the situation and determine the options that could bring relief – or satisfaction. The next question is HOW. The parent has to decide how to address the situation and provide the solution. With any luck (and just-in-time delivery) – the needs will be met and the parent can return to business-as-usual, LISTENING And READY for the next active call of duty.

Babies don’t even have to ‘know’ what they need to create the change in the system that can force parents to listen, respond, learn (repeatedly). Somewhere along that critical path toward mutual success they come to a sustainable approach – the viable convergence of needs, and solutions, and feedback. Parents know that the baby must be fed – and then we also must eventually “burp ’em” . That final result serves as a feedback loop – assuring that the formulation was well placed – and well received (borrowing/combining “BIRPM” from those three business acronyms above suggests the same closure).

Unfortunately, that early lesson is often lost later in life. Those same babies may have all but given up yearning to get what they want – let alone what they need – by the time they mature, enter the workplace, interact in society, and share common space on this small blue planet. Their frame of reference ‘lens’ somehow seems to get broken.

a shattered view of life

So would it help to replace that ‘lens’

– to improve our own insight – to expand our shared vision ?

Reframers” is only the latest term used to describe those who are willing to take a new look at what is – and consider what might be better – and how. That focused choice is not new and countless others have made it – on the way to a mindless job – in the throes of a hopeless marriage – on the last day of meeting payroll – on the way to an enemy prison.

Somehow at the ‘last moment’ they decide.

That decision is their first step in a better direction.

“Reframers” decide to “question prior answers”. Repeating what has always been done is only randomly effective, even given the same challenge. Only those with “status” stand to gain from protecting the “status quo”. Everyone else stands to gain from liberating everyone else.

They use the new insight to “answer current questions”. That is always the first step toward a better result. Getting current information about the real need can empower us to avoid a another failed approach – to create rather than focusing blame on ‘yesterday’.

They create “future solutions”. The symptoms of yesterday’s decisions will face us today. But our decisions today will also face us tomorrow with more unwanted symptoms – if we don’t enact meaningful change. Today we must converge insight into the initiatives that can fulfill our desired results, tomorrow.

They share the “benefits”. Some will be the customers – some will be the providers – some will be brokers of information or products – some will defend the rights of all of them to exchange and enjoy all these benefits. They all share a relatively small space on a small planet that is hurtling through space – one that ‘they’ must all sustain if WE are to all survive.

Where does your frame of reference …fit within this frame of relevance?

Are you ready to be cloud-based and crowd-sourced..?

Can we apply a little process improvement

– and even some parental skill?

A Pair-of-Docs

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Here’s a paradox for you:

One reason a business fails – it doesn’t act like a social network!

One reason a social network fails – it doesn’t act like a business!

Somewhere along the path to good business relationships something is often overlooked. Customers like to go where someone “knows their name” (like “Cheers!”). Employees like to work where someone “knows their name” (like “Thanks!”).

Somewhere along the path to creating social networks, something is often overlooked. Participants only show up to get their needs satisfied (like “Cheer$!”) Those who invest time and money to provide these platforms for that audience also show up for their own satisfaction (like “Thank$).

Turns out it’s the same process from either perspective – and it’s all about serving the common needs of people.

It’s a pretty safe bet that most people are seeking

equitable representation and equitable remuneration

within whatever system they participate – and that

smart investors will want a ‘share’ in that ..

Persons, professions, and communities have familiar characteristics. Studies in psychology have cataloged humanity into basic personality types that respond in somewhat predictable patterns. Those patterns may predict the purpose for which they join together in interest groups and undertake common initiatives (religious, social, professional, political). That also translates into the way their relationships are formed, especially where commerce is conducted and money is exchanged.

The purpose for which a social network or business exists may vary from purely philanthropical to purely profitable. The distribution of any proceeds created by those efforts then gets apportioned within that purpose. Given that framework (stated intention/reward), individuals can choose an endeavor and will participate so long as their expectations are proportionately met. Unexpected changes in the purpose or the proportionate benefit can cause upsets – and an exodus may soon follow.

Yet, if you look at the organization chart of a given business you will likely overlook how things actually work, ‘socially’. If you look at the process of a given social network you will likely just become ‘lost in the conversation’. If you look at the purpose of a for-profit business it may overlook the social values of its customers. If you look at the operating process of a not-for-profit entity you may see that it fails to ever accomplish its intended social purpose. It appears that we may need to change the process, on purpose!

A pair of documents come to mind – each perhaps missing from the ‘other’ arena:

Where are the ‘business plans’

for social networks?

– the critical path?

Where are the ‘social maps’

for business development?

– the stake-holders?

Both arenas appear to suffer the same lack of results and perhaps for similar reasons. Perhaps its time to merge the documents – and dissolve the paradox – maybe it’s time to CONVERGE.



were mapped to support BUSINESS PROCESS?





and if we want real change…

What if each person, seeking equitable representation and equitable remuneration, could ALSO find that in their system of government?

What’s NEXT with YOU – care to comment…?
– dare to COOPERATE?

Let us know what part you want to enjoy – with us!!

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NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Social Chemistry 101

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WOW – just when I thought I was safe from the agony* and defeat** of Freshman Chemistry, here it is from Rick Liebling of EYECUBE

The Periodic Table of the Social Media Elements


( *I have a “minor in it”) (** finally learned that it was just the +/- laws of attraction)

As we enter the new dimensions of our interconnected world, it is important and necessary (and a stroke of pure genius) to envision the relational aspects of the micro-components that comprise the covalent bonds that we will have to co-VALIANTLY share.

This serves as a familiar physical metaphor to our new virtual environments. Elementally, some things (people) are what they are. picture-9Some (as noted on the KEY to the Table) will be ‘key’ elements. Some will express themselves and strongly influence any partnership that they may form – some will even dominate.  Some will gather into compounds, some will be catalysts to those formations, and some will resist like water in oil, unable to blend with the others without some intervention.

And, at the root of it all will be invisible +/- forces that create those weak or strong bonds, or the repulsion that prevents them. Those forces are already measured in the ‘hard’ sciences and are now being discussed in the ‘soft’ social science circles as brand, identity, and social capital (for example). Once a valuation formula is ‘approved’, these ‘forces’ will in turn be the published metric for our individual worth (social capital) within our collective universe (U-Netted Nations) of this new ‘Relationship Economy’ – if we chose to cooperate (bond).

Just as formulas can prescribe how each combination should be constructed and predict how that reaction will work, so too we will need prescriptions for co-managing ourselves at these new intersections of our shared virtual space. Interaction between once-segregated kingdoms now begs for self-governance across border-less international expanses. And to enjoy that co-managed approach, we will have to revert to some basic principles and core values and concepts that are familiar, and can scale from personal to local to regional to global.

The nice thing is that some things are ‘constants’.  At the core of math and science are the basic ones and zeros and +/- charges that make up the rest of the ‘rules’.  So now:

– what are the core rules for our global ‘social interoperability’?

They should be as “simple as possible,

but not one bit simpler” (so said Einstein).

No doubt the framework of this well crafted Table of the Elements of our social spaces offers a new frame of reference for our insight. But the very next challenge will be how – and how well – we can deliberate its usefulness and make any other needed improvements – instead of repelling each other over some insignificant subscript or superscript notation – or who gets to influence more +/- power than the others.

That next framework will define OUR ‘reaction’ process.

It also needs to be ‘core’ simple – but fully scalable

and create sustainable solutions.

It will serve us individually, and collectively, to discover how each one of us is unique and how that uniqueness can contribute to others. Some ‘arrangements’ will never be created without the alignment of opposites – made possible by intermediaries. Like chemistry, without knowing what to use and how to blend, and what to expect, we can waste precious resources creating long-chain results that are not useful (sustainable) and worse yet will not easily decompose for our re-purposing (green).

Given the Table as a reminder, perhaps it doesn’t have to be that agonizing. Perhaps we only need to ask the right elemental questions (or ASK4) before we attempt to create compound answers that hopefully serve us all equitably.  Perhaps we can avoid being defeated by first looking at the “positive and negative” aspects of each proposed formula, then considering what predictably can or should happen before taking the risk of individually or collectively reacting, or blowing up our live-in laboratory.

What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

Want real cooperation, progress, CHANGE ? – Dare to ASK4™ it…?
NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a
participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.




LIFEcycle Requirements

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Life – it just keeps changing. Everyday something becomes a new challenge, because of something else that changed, unexpectedly. Our new needs reflect new requirements, new parameters that must be overcome.

Throughout our life(cycle), the nature of those changes will vary by situation and by urgency. One or more of ‘Murphy’s Laws’ predicts that the most urgent will be the least understood or hardest to remedy.

Whether it’s in personal health, family relationships, social issues, political realms, business ‘success’, nonprofit ‘results’, or government ‘support’ – change is the constant. Managing that change, and coordinating it to accommodate diverse populations in equally diverse situations is an enterprise-level undertaking. So why isn’t that effort well integrated?

Why aren’t our social conversations collected as anecdotes to point to symptoms? Then why aren’t our response actions aimed at the root cause – instead of the ‘because’ (symptoms)…? Perhaps it’s as simple as:

We’re disconnected!

True, we have now been inducted into the world of online SELF-publishing, complete with video to document our ‘intelligence'(?). We can rant in any of several forums and re-present ourselves in any of several media styles.

But what for…?

Even those sites that endear us to some worthy cause seldom capture our ‘requirements’ in a manner that even the novice programmer would accept for building the ‘code’ for the ‘program’ that could meet our ‘need’. Even if an ‘application’ of effort was created, it might not even serve the original user population, let alone be scalable or able to be leveraged for reuse elsewhere, on someone else’s ‘platform’, or in another ‘environment’. Perhaps we should consider gathering ‘enterprise-level’ requirements to help with our

Global Relationship Management (GRM)

For that to be possible, we can turn to the art/craft of business analysis. Somehow we have to collect the ‘user story’ needs and turn them into functional ‘human interface’ results, locally and globally. What we must also avoid is ‘analysis paralysis’ by making BETA progress, pending ‘perfection’.

Cooperation at this level demands a systems approach that accounts for all stakeholders, recognizes all perspectives, objectively creates consensus, amicably enrolls participation, makes those benefits globally available, and accepts that change is the only constant, the ‘IF’ that prescribes the next ‘Therefore’…and

that’s not utopian – that’s utilitarian.

That’s the requirements-gathering utility that we all need, to create a self-managed global platform built on the ‘code’ of ethics, to enroll us ALL – in a self-correcting ‘environment’, enabling us sustain our individual – and collective LIFEcycle ‘programs’, and

to meet our mutual ‘needs’, globally


(w/Apology to all tech folks: Poetic License Herein Requested 😉

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Just (Un-)DO IT!

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‘Just Do It!” – yeah right!

If only it were that simple. In our rush toward results we are often willing to sacrifice effort – ahead of insight. Trying another ‘HOW” without knowing ‘WHY’ may get us the same failure rate – and perhaps another notch in our ‘insanity belt’.

So, “Why can’t we get to ‘HOW’?”….(not by repeating our prior approach). We have to use the right questions and have to question our prior answers!

Asking the right questions – in the right sequence, will get us to the “WHY’ (it.. is what we don’t like or isn’t what we desire instead…) and uncover ‘WHAT’ to do (if anything) – and ‘HOW’ to do THAT something that can actually can bring sustainable benefits

Taking that approach, cooperatively, 24/7, could have earth-shattering benefits – for good – and for us all.

Adults tend to ask ‘HOW” – children tend to ask ‘WHY’, .
…from the mouth of babes…so they say(?).

ASK4™ is a four-question process improvement and change-management tool for solving problems and creating better results. It is engineered to bypass entrenched ‘bastions of reluctance’ that typically prevent progress – in personal, cultural, institutional, and international contexts.

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Surfing or Wipe-out?

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Whatever level of understanding you have about surfing, you are familiar with the difference between:

  • successfully using the uplift and momentum to propel you forward at little effort,
  • or instead, loosing your balance, falling into the abyss, and being pummeled by a wave of impacts.

It’s either surfing or it’s a wipe-out, and only a few options in-between those two.

Fast-forward to the ‘groundswell‘ of information that is sweeping across the new online media channels made available by and for the people who understand, create, and deftly use the web. They can ‘surf’ with dexterity. They make it look easy to the rest of us who venture in and may soon find ourselves overwhelmed or left sputtering on the edge of success after looking for answers to our questions, or just plain friendship.

Since others can and have made the ‘ride’ and beckon us to ‘come on in’, we assume the sport is for everyone and re-launch our resolve against the elements. What looks like the ultimate wave of progress (for them), may be to some of us – only an unrecognized information undertow. We stand to get sucked in to endless currents of “he-said-so-she-said-but I think”….

Surfing is great for some, survival may be more than than enough for the rest of us. Mere survival sounds passive and certainly we can expect more and even get more from our shared experience in this ocean of opportunity. Instead of the current approach that draws us in to each and every website and whirlpools of disconnected conversation, we need to channel the energy of convergent tides of influence, and use the momentum of consensus to direct our cooperative efforts toward safe arrival at new destinations.

What appears to be needed instead is a way for us to look for the hidden currents that are actually headed in the direction we all need to go, a life-raft in which we can safely combine our efforts, and a few paddles to steer and manage our directed travel toward our intended destination. Then perhaps we too can use the lift of cooperation and the currents of influence to our advantage.

That can happen, not by abandoning the extreme sports, but by creating a means for the rest of us mere mortals to get our feet wet too, without the repeating novice experience of another ‘wipe-out’.

ASK4™ is a simple online 4-question approach
– that enables website/user group interoperability
– to co-manage their ‘Collaboration on Purpose’
– for creating ‘unintended consensus’
– that enables global cooperation
– to solve universal issues.
for those who participate and cooperate
for their mutual interests in the U-Netted Nations™.


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From person to market to universe – our relationships are virtually alike at all levels, and now being seamlessly connected across all dimensions – virtually (via the Web).

The old means of interaction are being abandoned, ineffective for these new groundswell relationships. New methods are being envisioned in the minds of those futurists who dare to champion new approaches for solving familiar issues along the expansive global supply chain.

We are moving from being controlled by those who provided goods and services and marketed them to us (push), to being represented to them as a measured demographic, complete with the metrics of our ‘group desires‘ (pull).

The transition from that CRM management of the ‘customer’ to VRM management of the ‘vendor’ by the customer (group) is changing the way we interact internationally – in our global relationship management, ‘GRM’.

As we move from push to pull to cooperation, the dynamics will need an initial jump-start, and continuous adjustment thereafter. Our approach must be accommodating and adaptive – built to handle/deliver constant CHANGE.

Are you ready for GRM?

To now cooperate GLOBALLY, we will need an approach that:
– is self-learning – adds better knowledge to each iteration
– causes “unintended consensus”- creates common ground
– enforces critical path – aligns participants to chosen actions
– is self-healing – next iteration based on prior lessons learned
– is transparent/non-intrusive ‘lifestyle’, not one-time initiative
– fosters objectivity – recognizes “because”; finds the root-cause
– catalogs local issues and aggregates/integrates global solutions

What if…U-ASK4-IT…?

ASK4™ is a four-question process improvement and change-management tool for solving problems and creating better results. It is engineered to bypass entrenched ‘bastions of reluctance’ that typically prevent progress – in personal, cultural, institutional, and international contexts. That can also enable a sustainable U-Netted Nations™, one internet, under control, of liberty and justice, BY all – and give U a stake in the Universe.

Imagine getting what you need – frequently
– or being the provider of what others desire!

I need + you have = WE WIN

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.


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When it comes to creating value, or later protecting it, luxury car makers are turning to a unique approach – CPO – certified pre-owned car sales. They know that the brand(car) is solid. They know that getting new users is key, especially in a fragmented market. And, they know that people are fully comfortable with something that, while not new, is fully dependable.

There’s a convenient parallel when it comes to ideas. Proven ideas are sound, and often less risky to try as a first adopter, especially if you are risk averse or want to maintain credibility with your colleagues. Results are even better, where proven to have worked. We are most comfortable about adopting ideas that are field tested, socially acceptable, green, and a number of factors by which we might easily accept – CPIs – certified pre-owned ideas. The means to come to know, come to agree, and come to resolutions are long since proven. If they were uniformly applied we would have long since solved many of the world’s issues, and amicably. Perhaps ‘unfortunately’ there is still a market for a solution engine.

Fortunately, there is a viable and proven approach. What is proposed here is an extension of proven steps to analysis, consensus, and implementation. It is at least as good as the original ideas, since all have already been ‘around the block’. It may cover some new country but likely do so in style, familiar comfort, and hopefully at a little less risk. Somewhat toungue-in-cheek, I’ll add that the groups that would question ‘new ideas’ and those that have already ‘certified’ other methodologies, and even those ‘idea rights’ people who jealously guard all the above can rest assured that no former process improvement methodologies were “harmed in the making” of this proposed concept.

If all the former questions were answered, we wouldn’t still have questions. For those questions that have been answered, finding out who already has the answer is often a challenge. We may need to consider an ASK4™ catalog showing existing CPIs, an ASK4™ catalog showing where CPIs are still needed, an ASK4™ catalog of people who have an interest, people who have a need , people who have a suggested answer. We may need a list of experts who have already ‘driven’ and or been in the pit crew and can a-test to the actual performance of those CPIs, and how they can serve any or all of us (U-Netted Nations). We may need an ASK4™ approach that helps us co-manage our interaction (collaboration) when we meet at the the traffic circle intersections (conversations) along our global information highway (web).

We (speaking globally) may not have the luxury of trying our own new ‘BETA’ test drive – and perhaps we shouldn’t if valuable CPI answers already exist that can be more readily merged into the fast lane (consensus) , if we just yield (cooperate).

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Gas Shortage Over!!

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…But Excess ‘Bureaucracy’ Continues

To even the casual observer, the issue appears to be:

– the need for more petroleum

– the need to replace foreign oil sources

– the need to develop our own oil resources

– and the related list goes on, and on, and on…

But after a moment of ‘root cause’ analysis, another key issue is visible:

– dependence on petroleum – as energy


We were not focused on the core issue…

but on the symptoms related to our current approach.


We must question prior answers…

to identify the new questions, and options


The reasons are many, but we often continue the practice of coddling our emotions (feelings), ignoring the ‘800 pound gorilla’ (facts), and chasing ‘symptoms’ instead of the root cause. That approach will perpetuate much wasted effort leading to other wastes of time and resources (dare I say: endless bureaucracy, meaningless Senate investigations, failed initiatives, etc).

‘Political correctness’ requests that we politely overlook the reality and instead superimpose a misplaced ‘forgiveness’ or perpetual excuse, rather than “digging in” to the real problem. We need to start looking past the ‘joker’ in our logic and going for the ‘ace’, and (dare I say?) calling a “spade a spade”.


Focus on each and every issue, as John Wu explains, because they make up the ‘enterprise’ viewpoint – (‘eat the elephant bite at a time‘). In a recent post, Tim Bryce refers to it as ‘Stepwise Refinement‘ – the approach of taking the smallest logical portion and resolving that, and ultimately resolving all such issues at the successively smaller levels of systems, sub-systems, and procedures, etc. When complete, that collection of solved issues is reflected in a new system-wide approach – that functions correctly – at all levels.

It may seem at first like wasted motion, analysis paralysis, or other ‘feelings’ that urge us to rush more quickly to erroneous conclusions (wrong). But with the right approach, and perhaps even without the help of others, we might individually uncover the newest means to realize:

3200 MPG (Miles Per Gallon) – on WATER!!

With the help of others, in well structured conversations (‘Collaboration on Purpose‘), our laser focus (ASK4™) analysis and cooperative effort (U-Netted Nations), CAN matter immensely. We CAN sort out the real issues and collect the real answers to all global problems, in time.

Profitable NPO?

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(shhhhhh!, you can’t say that!!)

Perhaps, but you better at least ‘break even’ and do so efficiently. The contributors expect that and even your volunteers won’t long support an ineffective effort.

Each non-profit community is under extreme scrutiny to clarify, execute, evaluate, and defend:

  • its purpose and practices (improved productivity toward mission)
  • its benevolent impact to the population it serves (perceived value)
  • its measured success in meeting its charter (ROI or appropriate metric)

To do so requires a change-management approach that:

  • Is transparent in terms of interruption to current operations
  • Is a way of thinking and acting rather than a one-time “initiative”
  • Involves and empowers all classes of participants
  • Creates incremental in-stride improvements at all levels
  • Provides appropriate ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’
  • Enhances esprit de corps, improves morale and productivity

To confirm results, they should utilize a measurement approach that:

  • Provides standardized and appropriate metrics for the value delivered by NPO
  • Incorporates existing rating schemes where necessary or appropriate
  • Provides a non-biased third-party measurement/reporting entity
  • Empowers their public relations and fundraising efforts
  • Establishes a formative evaluation process to minimize summative ‘blame’

That’s a big challenge for a single organization. It can be more easily solved by cooperation, and the social web has now made that entirely possible. It will take more than the casual structure of ‘threaded’ discussions – that go nowhere. It will take ‘Collaboration on Purpose’!

ASK4™ is much like a think-tank – that identifies priority needs, creates appropriate consensus, initiates and tracks cooperative actions, that produce sustainable results, and does so transparently (online) 24/7/365.

For NPOs, ASK4™, offers a measurable increase in Capacity – Effectiveness – Public Confidence – Funding and “Business Results from Charitable Purpose”

What ‘busy-ness’ is your NPO engaged in – and Who will support that?

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.


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What we formerly did only in real life is now being replicated online, 24/7/365. We were barely adept at actual social behavior when virtual interaction displaced it. Once again, the pioneers have launched out, beyond the current ‘edge’ of the known universe, with all humanity soon to follow, online. The question is, how humane is this ‘world’, and can we cooperate?

TODAY, my own experience is that each individual will strive to at least do what is best for them-selves. And that is not selfishness. TOMORROW, given a viable approach, they will also consider others in that decision so long as their own needs are equitably met in tandem.

However, for that to realistically occur online, the ‘new’ approach (and that envisioned here) must be co-managed by its participants, have a minimal set of convergent features, and that system must:

1- Endear and then acknowledge all stakeholder viewpoints
2- Identify current impacts and desired alternates
3- Uncover root cause by objective consensus
4- Enable corrective action by priority and through cooperation

That may seem complex, but it can be accomplished – and it’s already TOMORROW, somewhere!

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

What IF?

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What if people in communities were ALL better served by agencies, businesses, and NPOs?

What if YOU got to say what you thought wasn’t working?

What if YOU got to ask for what you wanted instead?

What if WE got to objectively consider each other’s opinions and desires?

What if OUR approach led us to equitable consensus?

What if WE could contribute to and benefit from that shared decision?

What if WE could accomplish that – simply – with four ubiquitous and familiar QUESTIONS?

What if WE could return to this same process and ‘upgrade’ or improve our prior decisions?

What if we could unravel the value now hidden in disconnected ‘threaded’ discussions?

What if each GROUP, via their website, used this same collaboration approach?

What if that ‘widget’ made ALL their efforts (and websites) INTEROPERABLE?

What if their interoperability, created a one-world KNOWLEDGE-BASE?

What if (issues and their) answers were readily available, and easily accessible?

Would you be willing to “ASK for” it – with me?
To realize that: I Need + You Have = WE Win!

In his post “Why is Enterprise 2.0 a good idea?” on Social Media Today, Mark Masterson says:

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to hear the answers to questions like those as applied to, say, Friendfeed, or Twitter. For the architects of such systems, Burt’s theory provides them with the tools to determine how to best add and create value with their software. For enterprise architects like me, it provides a framework to help me make choices, evaluate alternatives, and develop a strategy that is not a shot in the dark, but a targeted attempt at increasing value within my organisation. What’s not to like?

He wasn’t referring to the questions above (- or was he?).

ASK4™, is a simple four-question process improvement engine

– provides individual influence to equitable control of the international relationship economy

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

U-Netted or United

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YES, YOU are already a member of the ‘Infosphere’.

That citizenship cannot be revoked.

What does that provide you?

  • a voice (participation)
  • a vote (influence)
  • a benefit (share)

Unless you are in some group, it is un-likely that benefits accrue to you, especially without cost. That cost could be time (participating), effort (volunteering), or other contribution (cash, etc). The return is often limited (usefulness) or negligible (quality/quantity). or inequitable (return for effort).

The principle of compounding is a tremendous advantage when leveraging the available forces – or resources in this case.

You plus me plus yours plus mine plus theirs…

is a powerful group!

That groups does already exist, and you are already a member, and ‘they’ are not united. But they are U-Netted, and WE can thereby become inter-operable and inter-dependent to ensure each individual’s personal INDEPENDENCE, globally.

The only challenge is to offer a mutually-empowering ‘platFORUM’ in which to freely express OUR opinions, gain from others’ insights, reach mutually-beneficial consensus, and formulate sustainable solutions. Only a co-managed approach offers that, and the U-Netted Nations:

  • is not the ultimate collusion, it is the ultimate collaboration
  • it is not exclusive – it includes anyone who will ASK4™ it
  • is not an organization – it is the result of representation
  • is not about legislation – it is the result of negotiation
  • is not authoritarian – it is the author of participation
  • is not the beneficiary of effort – it is the dispenser

The U-Netted Nations™ begins with ASK4™ as its operating construct and then uses only that process to inquire, envision, create, implement, and improve its results. It is empowered only by the influence and intellect of its global participants – YOU and I.

Any issue that arises is (by pre-agreement) entered into the discourse of its practitioners to be processed by the ASK4™ approach. Since that approach is objective and equitable, the system can not be reverse-engineered without that re-engineering becoming the next issue to be processed by the group at large. It is this continuous transparency that assures its equitable forward progress, grows the catalog of sustainable options, and recognizes its worthy contributors.

Any person, team, group, or even country can participate. Information can be kept private or shared as appropriate – and any ‘reward’ likewise dispensed based on that level of ‘privacy’ or of public contribution. Management of the process, its content holdings, its results, and its shared benefits (or revenue) is all subject to the ASK4™ process and its mutual consensus.

The U-Netted Nations is not a trap to ensnare us

– it is a safety net for our security – and perhaps our survival.

Do U want to hold a corner of the ‘net’ – for your sake and others? – and support…

…”One internet, under control, of liberty and justice, BY all”

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Giving U a stake in the Universe…

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I Want (or need) + You Have (or offer) = WE Win (by cooperation)

The U-NETTED NATIONS is a offered as a syndicated forum:

  • to establish and maintain a cooperative approach
  • that recognizes individual contributions from its diverse members
  • and uncovers sustainable solutions to their local needs
  • within the broader context of mutual benefits, globally.

Through the structured ASK4™ approach, participants can collectively assure that:

  • Access is FORMALIZED so that all global citizens can equitably participate – without repressive constraints.
  • The content is NORMALIZED to reflect a common basis of discussion – of understanding – and of benefit.
  • Interaction is MEDIATED to ensure all viewpoints are considered in route to a mutually beneficial consensus.

The ASK4™ approach can merge the good intentions of numerous ‘threaded’ discussions into a tapestry of useful value, sustainable solutions, and measurable results. It is scalable to serve individuals, non-profits, commercial entities, and government institutions alike.

As such, participating individuals, groups, cultures, and countries can co-manage, participate in, and equitably benefit from from its usage – and the relationship economy that it supports.


it works because

“U-ASK4-IT”…(<-CLICK HERE to Join)

Where the People fear the Government – you have tyranny;
Where the Government fears the People – you have rights.
(Thomas Jefferson)
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