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Whose Fault?

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This ‘tennis’ commercial for The Ladders (online resumes) depicts job search as a tennis match – with few if any rules, and everyone getting in on the game – ALL at once.

Imagine yourself somewhere in this picture. You are…in the game – and someone’s at fault!

This metaphor has many more applications, like showing the current state of the internet – social networking in particular. Everyone wants to be on the court – serving up their opinion or offering, standing behind the net that separates them from the ‘other side’, or trying to referee others who have served up something that is clearly out of bounds – “FAULT!!”…

Problem is (in WEB 2.0), there is no pre-qualification, no boundaries, no rules for winning, no game plan. Consider the Infosphere of the internet in which anyone can utter those words that pre-announce our fateful demise: “Here, hold my beer and watch this…”. Seen the latest idiot’s 15 seconds of infamy video?

Online I can out-shout you, can out-rant you, can out-perform you,,, ad nausea and etcetera. In the freedom that came with this self-publishing world, anyone can say anything, anytime, to anyone else – often with little positive effect. While rushing to have a say in the infinite open space of the web, we forgot to notice that total democracy can equate to total anarchy.

Who’s at fault for all that – WE are.

But ‘we’ can’t change that – unless ‘I’ choose to do so – and come to understand and appreciate and adhere to at least a few simple agreements.

How can “I” change all that? One insight at a time! One conversation at a time! One consensus at a time! One decision at a time! One initiative at a time! Then having done that, one re-consideration at a time!

Are you that ‘ONE’ ?

The realization that content is only as useful as its relevance is now at the forefront of the Semantic WEB 3.0. We are now advancing (back) to the structured approach that partitions our conversations and sequences our steps toward progress. Any database architect or project manager could have seen this dilemma coming and offered an insight if not a solution, if anyone was paying attention. Its hard to be heard as an ‘official’ when (virtually) everyone (else) is also in charge. For now there is no universally recognized approach. That will have to be one of the first things to change, and then keep changing.

It is nice to want to give everyone some playing time. But to do so at least requires a defined court, a defined manner and time to play, some means of determining official results so the next players can take the court as well.

  • Who should define that? – WE should.
  • Who should get to play? – WE should.
  • Who should call foul? – WE should

What will that new ‘game’ look like? (in terms of WEB 3.0)

  • Imagine a single portal through which you can express yourself freely
  • Imagine an awareness of everyone’s ideas within a global perspective
  • Imagine an economy in which your needs and expertise are valued
  • Imagine a community in which your relationships are enhanced
  • Imagine a self-correcting process of self-governance, globally
  • Imagine everyone adhering to and benefiting from cooperation
  • Imagine cooperation coming from consensus, shared insight
  • Imagine shared insight coming from objective collaboration
  • Imagine just enough structure to co-manage conversations
  • Imagine that all you had to do was “ASK for it”…
  • Imagine yourself as a U-Netted Nations citizen
  • Imagine consistently getting what you need
  • Imagine supplying what others desire
  • Imagine who could win? – WE should!

Game On..?




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PLEASE NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.



That’s CUIL (So What?)

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R-e-l-e-v-a-n-c-e, that is ‘what’ – and good search is a good start – just ask Google …about er…ummm ‘CUIL‘. Relevant to ‘what’ – that’s the key problem – and the unlimited opportunity. All that connectivity, searching, email conversation, threaded discussion, blogging – potentially WORTHLESS.

Collaboration on Purpose – PRICELESS

What’s the difference? – YOU. Unless there is something in it for me (YOU), I don’t particularly care (do you?). So the results of my search must be relevant to me – to where I live, to what I’m doing, to whether that is working, or if I’m going to become successful, or even just survive.

If I am going to make any progress in my efforts, I need to know:

  • if an answer already exists (or needs to be created)
  • if a solution has been tried and proven (research)
  • if there is a support group to assist me (team/company/NPO)
  • if I can speak to someone about it (expert/community of practice
  • if what I’m about to do will be acceptable to others, or sustainable

But instantly I encounter the same old problem I have always had – it takes ‘too long’. I can search – then I have to sort through the hits- and follow a link – that leads to a WIKI that re-defines my problem – that leads me to new links that lead me back to another search engine – that leads me to a blog that belittles my ignorance on the subject – that leaves me upset and even more anxious – as I grab my cellphone and text my friend for help since he isn’t answering my call. So I dredge out the yellow pages – and look for an out-call computer tech and a local psychologist – and I read my dictionary while I await their eventual ‘treatment’ for the computerized benefits that are virtually driving me crazy.

Somehow I need to be able to make instant use of instant answers.

Somehow I expect nothing less from my new instant world on the internet – that seems to be changing my life – by the instant. If my new reality is to be ‘virtual’, then I want to have the same ‘say-so’ as virtually everyone else in its global customer suggestion box. I don’t want your dated ‘WEB 2.0 sticky note’ answer – posted somewhere in a he-said-she-said discussion thread on some blog ‘bulletin board’ – that I can’t seem to find.

I may need answers virtually anytime day or night. I don’t want to have to engage a consultant to teach me how to search-and-rescue what you have already saved – and could offer to me at fair market value. The carbon footprint of that lost time could be important – to both of us – and NOW would be none too soon for some issues that need a relevant answer – TODAY!.

My request:

  • I want my own personal portal to the WORLD(-WideWeb)
  • I want to search in the context of my local PROBLEM
  • I want answers in the context of global CREDIBILITY
  • I want to share what I NEED – and what I KNOW
  • I want to be served, and be well REPRESENTED
  • I want to help create sustainable SOLUTIONS
  • I want to be PROACTIVE – not REACTIVE
  • I want YOU in that equation with me

Perhaps now, because we are ALL relevant to each other, we can ALL realize the efficiency of scale made possible by our cooperation – and enjoy the mutual benefits of an enterprise 3.0 viewpoint – a shared perspective from ALL across our U-Netted Nations.

Perhaps within this new ‘inter-operable’ paradigm we will find that if we:

Question Prior Answers – it’s Liberating!
Answer Current Questions – it’s Empowering!
Create Future Solutions – it’s Fulfilling!
Share these Benefits – it’s SUSTAINABLE!

Now, how KOOL is that? – and how ‘relevant’ ? (- and how Priceless..?)

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?p

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Time Capsule Reality

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We live life in a time capsule that has been delivered by pioneers that came before us and who captured the essence of their experience, delivered it to our birthplace, and beckoned us to enter its current confines. We have now begun to capture our own experience and encapsulate it for future use by the succeeding generations to whom we will likewise deliver it.

F. David Peat, relates it this way, that we will have to become – “…well adapted to the quantum world, for this is a world less about objects in interaction than about transformation, superposition, flux, and the inseparability of observer and observed”

OK, so what do we do now, or prepare for next? How can we become both the observer and the one experiencing the results of our observations and decisions? In that rhetorical question lies the obvious answers: 1 – we already are. 2- we need a constant feedback loop. 3- we need a 360-degree viewpoint from multiple representatives. 4 – we must cooperate through that shared insight. Then, how can we leverage our collective past so that WE can mutually survive?

Perhaps we have finally reached a tipping point and are ready to LISTEN… between the words of poets and prophets and rappers and rebels for that thread of value that can be woven into the fabric of tomorrow. Perhaps the rank of our social positions will matter much less than the nature of our social interactions – the LEVERAGE of our ‘collaboration on purpose’. Perhaps we are ready to LIVE beyond the coercive walls of cultures, organization charts, and political boundaries in a dynamic environment of sustained progress and mutual benefit. Perhaps that will both introduce and require a quantum shift in our approach.

Indeed, that quantum shift has already begun and it is happening at the speed of light – projected through the screens of our computers, cell phones, and multiple other devices that enable and capture that experience in real time. Don Tapscott, author of ‘Wikinomics’ reminds us that our ‘smart’ appliances have already joined us in these quantum dimensions of inter-operable communication, reacting to our online prompts, or prompting us in turn.

What are we learning from our past, experiencing in our present, and encapsulating for our future – if there is one?

What data, conversations, collaboration, insight, consensus, and cooperation are now needed? What are the resulting conditions that we are creating and experiencing – and re-considering and then changing?

And who controls all that? …’WE’ do..!!

The capsule IS being loaded – what is to be YOUR contribution?

And who cares?

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Who Knows..(‘Who-Nodes’)

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In any situation, any family, any team, any company, any community, any agency, any country – someone is responsible, and someone (else?) knows. The ‘custodian’ is usually the keeper of the real ‘keys’ to not just the building, but the insight to the inside, in almost any dimension you may wish to know.

In reality, that custodian may hold a degree or have experience that exceeds the person currently assigned to any given position. When it comes to getting things done – the insight usually starts at the bottom. When it comes to initiating actions, the directives usually come from the top.

What’s the Connection

That depends on the people involved, and especially those ‘in charge’. For those who assume any position of responsibility, the degree of authority they accept or control will also depend on how they accept and control the communication – to and from those that surround them. One item of note, they have very little control.

They do however have ultimate control on how they choose to benefit from all that connectivity and infinite information. Their level of insight will be proportional to their information access. Their access is controlled by those who know. Knowing who knows is crucial to individual knowledge, team interaction, cooperative initiatives, and our global survival.

How do I come to know, that you already know, what he needs to know, from them? When can that be done – to solve my urgent problem – in my relationship, my charity, my business, my community, my country – or OUR world? Who knows?…

…in the U-Netted Nations…that’s YOU!

The neural network of of the internet affords each of us an unlimited opportunity to become a ‘U-Node’, a dynamic nano-resource to an insatiable global knowledge ecosystem. The real-time connectivity currently exists in which we can offer our information to others.

The challenge lies in how we choose to accept and control that information as our individual responsibility within this informal information grid. The manner in which we can co-manage our dynamic support of each other within this global perspective is evolving, and that evolution must also be responsive, 24/7/365. Welcome to Web 3.0 – and beyond…

The control won’t be held by the person who thinks they have the only answer. The solution won’t come by getting the right answer from the right person. The real power will come from asking the right questions of all the right people, all of the time. Want to know more, ASK4 it…

‘Who nodes’ – that may be the new title for custodians of information. And for our new elevated perspective toward these ‘lowly custodians’..

“Well, what do you know…?”

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Decisions-Decisions (Dimensions)

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No wonder we often find ourselves lost on the road to success! Every step presents another choice, requires another decision. Each path takes us toward, or away from, our intended destiny.

Turns out that it’s not just about which way to ‘turn’. It’s even more complicated, but not impossible. We just need a little more elevation to see the whole picture. We need the altitude (and attitude) of an astronaut, not just the compass and telescope of a surveyor.

Life is not a ‘flat-surface event’. We have seen that our global existence is an inter-galactic shared experience. We got some of that perspective by looking back at our planet from outer space. While the search for extraterrestrial life goes on, the earthbound life we share on this globe also occurs in relation to others around us and an entire solar system of related influences. Those who sit in the sun too long or forget that the moon influences the tides may soon find themselves in another situation that demands their attention, or immediate action. How does all this relate to our decisions, our relationships, our politics, our countries, our survival?

Decisions have dimension.

Life is less like a game of checkers and more like a three-layered game of tic-tac-toe. A move that occurs in one dimension affects what happens in all others, as well as the ultimate outcome of the game. Unless we consider all dimensions of our shared existence, we can overlook some burning issue or rising tide of influence that can engulf us in a decision for which we are not mutually prepared. How can we navigate these dimensions, successfully, together?

Our ability to follow a ‘map’ will not serve us in this new ‘open space’. One-to-one dialogue on any given subject will soon seem as antiquated as a string between two tin cans. Our new many-to-many online interactions will encompass perspectives in conversations between multiple participants who share from their DIFFERENT cultures – the SAME common needs. We won’t be going to the ‘library’ – we will become a ‘living library’, available to each other as nano-resources deployed across a global neural network, in real time.

What can be- or could be- known is available for our ready review across the universe of the interconnected internet. What hasn’t been engineered (yet) is a way for us ALL to leave the mental ‘bounds of earth’ and look back in a collective global perspective – so that we can –

come to consensus and interact cooperatively.

To do so will require not only the ground crew knowledge available on the internet, but also a stellar vehicle to navigate in new dimensions of local transparency and global accountability, in the new space of untethered shared governance – and shared benefits. We will have to give everyone an equitable seat at the window of insight and then move ourselves through the inter-cranial galaxies of consensus toward our mutual goal of survival.

WE will all participate as an inter-dependent ground crew that cooperatively directs US as we co-pilot OUR own flight, and as WE adjust our OWN course, as needed – while WE are ALL in route.

Oh, and the travel WILL occur at light speed,

at the click of a mouse.

Ready for “BLAST OFF!!” ?
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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Tomorrow is Yesterday..

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…in internet time. Before we can ‘get a handle’ ** on what is happening, it already has. Have you heard about the internet, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, ..3.0, yet? It is not complete and won’t be completed. It is both developed and further developing, 24/7, in real-time, right before our eyes. And for the first time in our cumulative history, much of our ‘cumulative history’ can be seen and examined, real-time, 24/7, in a way that we can perhaps avoid some of our past mistakes, even those of our IMMEDIATE past, if we cooperate to do so.

However, to cooperate in a manner that reflects our shared insight and serves our mutual needs, a new form of interaction and shared governance will also have to emerge. And it will have to both emerge and then converge into the developing situation that it also serves. That’s a tall order on such short notice.

We have barely had time to reflect on our past and now we are being jettisoned into our collective future without any means of managing our interaction, our need for 24/7 re-adjustment to our changing culture – of CHANGE.

We are still accustomed to the ‘stop-and-go’ of local bureaucracy and are being asked to yield and merge into the online ‘clover-leafs’ of group interaction, and the convergence of instant analysis and instant response required to safely travel the new high-speed information highway, globally.

Overwhelmed yet? – don’t be. As with most things, the past holds the key to the future. Futurists have been envisioning and artists have been depicting what some can’t imagine. Business analysts have been identifying current needs and turning those ‘user stories’ into working models and program upgrades. Consultants have been assisting with strategic planning and just-in-time execution of chosen initiatives. Project managers have been breaking these efforts into bite-sized actions that can be resourced, executed, tracked, adjusted, and completed in initiatives that ultimately roll up to create the desired outcomes. Historians have been archiving our collective experience, much of which is now available in digital format, from virtually anywhere. Experts have been adding their expertise and novices have been stating their opinions about all of the above until we are all on information overload.

How can we translate all this ‘commentary’ into meaningful CHANGE?

The opportunity of the future only requires that we listen to these lessons from the past, and apply these learned concepts to the future. Individually they represent our desires, define the action, partition the effort, enroll our participation. Collectively they manage its completion. Systematically, they allow for us to make CHANGE our new business, and our new MUTUAL benefit – GLOBALLY.

A few ‘rules of the road’ still apply:

As we back out of our local driveway and pull onto the global highway we will need
both a ‘mirror’ (to the past) and an ‘anti-fogging agent’ for our windshield (future).
**NOTE: Just like in the past, neither you nor I can ‘drive safely’

…if WE don’t hold the steering wheel…because…

Our mutual self-interests can be mis-represented by politicians who abandon statesmanship.

Our government BY the people can become oppression OF the people…

And, we don’t need more ‘road rage’, we need more cooperation…

Now, where’s the online ‘governance system’ that allows us to:

  • reflect on our collective history as we prepare for our mutual destiny
  • share our collective insight as we recognize the need for change,
  • aggregate our collective capacity and represent our collective interests,
  • then change to survive, and repeat that cycle – again (and again)

as we reflect back…to the future”?

Who can benefit? – our families, our businesses, our cities, our neighbors, our countries, our world.

Who can co-manage that self-governing and self-correcting approach, 24/7?

– WE Can – WILL we ?

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.

Ambient Knowledge.?

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– or “AMBIANCE…”? One is the situation in which we exist, the other is the knowledge that may exist within our situation. There is virtually no difference now that reality is so well represented in real time on virtual media. The line between virtual experience and real life is converging into one infosphere, on the internet, and in our daily lives.

If you aren’t a part of the ‘Connected’ generation then your experience may be somewhat lacking in both your knowledge and your ‘ambiance’. And if some of this does not yet make sense to you, consider this virtual view of real life – see how the next graduating class gets ‘CONNECTED‘…

What does that mean to your future and mine? How will we take advantage of our real situations in life? How can we become fluent in the virtual language of the future? How can we solve our real world problems through virtual relationships and knowledge that is ‘ambient’, virtually everywhere, already?

Here’s the point, just like the real world your influence may be ‘socially’ restricting, for now. You may not (yet) be well connected. These few basics by which to measure your social ‘ambiance’ can ‘give you a clue’:

Are you connected? – the web offers connectivity to people and information

Do you have a voice? – the web offers a self-publishing platform/archive

Do you have an influence? – not unless you lead a group, have a following

Do you have a vote? – not unless you have group access and ‘permission’

Can you find ready answers to your needs? – perhaps, but with what effort

While the web may (for now) echo some of the same social and cultural hurdles that allow some to be part of the in-crowd, that probably won’t last long. Transparency is the new dimension and the walls are coming down between cultures and even countries. Knowledge has become ambient and everyone can now be ‘in the know’.

This new reality now presents a new question:

Since we are now virtually one culture, what governance can enable our ambient knowledge to serve each of us and all of us, and enable our survival in the constant change that will become the ambiance of our everyday lives?

Groups and chat and content aren’t enough. How can we transition from:

– Information to Insight,

– from Chat to Change,

– from Rant to Results?

We will have to go from conversations to ‘Collaboration-on-Purpose’. It will likely take some engineering and some re-engineering. We will have to question prior answers, and create new answers for questions that have yet to be expressed.

We will need real-time analysis and a change-management process that works for everyone virtually around the clock.

That is a simplistic but adequate statement of the problem – in which may also lie the answer. As described by that statement, such a system could:

  • Enable YOU to become connected – to people and information
  • Give YOU a voice -by reflecting your opinion and knowledge
  • Give YOU an influence – by engaging you in one global community
  • Give YOU a vote – on mutual issues and mutually beneficial answers
  • So WE can find ready answers to meet OUR needs – with less effort.

That is the challenge and opportunity of being ‘connected’ – are WE ready?

What will be the ambiance…

of our ambient knowledge future?

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What’s about YOU? – care to comment?

– dare to COOPERATE?

NOTE: While this website is my personal initiative, the ASK4™ approach is a participant-managed collaboration platform and the U-Netted Nations™ is the result of our ‘Collaboration On Purpose’. My voice becomes one in a million – immediately.
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